You may nominate yourself to more than one category to be considered. However, if chosen as a winner, you may only win under one category. See the nomination criterias to identify which category(s) work best for you.

Emerging Channels

Demonstrates tactical approach on implementing emerging support channels including but not limited to social messaging (WhatsApp, IG, FB messenger, Apple Chat AI), etc.


Demonstrates a robust self-service experience including but not limited to a well thought-out help center design and usability, best use of AI, highly engaged community forum, etc.

Omnichannel Support

Demonstrates excellent adoption of an omnichannel strategy, including but not limited to a seamless customer service experience across channels, shared support agent view, organized customer information view, etc.


Demonstrations creative building and remapping of processes including but not limited to strong implementations of integrations/apps (Ex: Built by Zendesk, Jira, Shopify), a robust onboarding experience, effective customer feedback loops, etc.

Community’s Choice

Strictly based on the community’s favorite. A small but mighty company who can encompass all the CX success factors voted by the Startup Central Slack Community.


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  • Increased brand awareness in the market as a CX leader
  • Certificate of Participation for CX Academy Live
  • Opportunity for speaking engagement in Startup Central Slack community to over 600+ members

WINNERS in addition get

  • Published on post-event CX Academy Live website and mention in 2022 CX Academy Live
  • 1 Art Sculpture trophy branded to your company
  • A designated CX Academy Live Winner Badge in our Startup Central Slack Community

Trophy Artist

We chose visual artist Francisco Rosa to handcraft the Zendesk CX Academy Live’s trophies - a work of great social and artistic value made from recycled solid waste taken from urban environments.

Francisco, a graduate of the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo and a postgraduate in Higher Education Teaching of the FMU, uses wires to create his works and wrote the “Manifesto Aramismo” (Wire-ism Manifesto) defending this method of creation as an artistic language.